English speaking doctors in Wroclaw

by Dariusz
(Wrocław 1 A Kmicica Street)

dr Kraśnicki - an English speaking private dr in Wroclaw

dr Kraśnicki - an English speaking private dr in Wroclaw

Hi guys,
My name is Darek Krasnicki and in this video I'd like to tell you how a 42 year old tourist, totally lost in translation,

whilst enduring a bad cold which she had been fighting for 2 weeks,
was facing the unbearable situation of having to take a long flight home without having received any medical assistance
and how she was eventually able to quickly get rid of the congestion and coughing before her flight.

I'm a Polish doctor who travels all around the world And I know from my first-hand experiences how traveling internationally can expose your health to risks in often unfamiliar environments.

Of course health risks associated with travel,
can be minimized by suitable precautions taken in advance,but more often than not, an illness will appear with little or no warning.

It's very likely that you will meet a foreign doctor who cannot speak English well enough to treat English speaking patients

Of course not knowing English doesn't have to result in serious blunders.
But I can't stress strongly enough that you must be confident
that the doctor who treats you has the communication skills to do the job.

At the beginning of my video I gave you
a typical example of a patient of mine who suffered for a long time simply
because she couldn't find an English Speaking doctor quickly.

When she found me, she had a deep cough that made it difficult for her to sleep as well as a large build-up of fluids in her sinuses.

In addition she was feeling quite run down by this infection.

After medical examination
It seemed to me that she needed an antibiotic at that point.

Having only taken a few pills she recovered very quickly, so flying home was not a nuisance for her.

When you come in to my office,generally, you will be the only patient there and you will have my full, undivided attention.

I will only recommend treatment for you that I would have for myself and I'll go through all of the therapeutic options with you.

My patients are seen one-at-a-time, and on time.

So, if you are in Wroclaw and the worst comes to the worst
just send me an email lekarz@krasnicki.com.pl
and you will be able to get in touch with me.

Very often my surgery, at 1A Kmicica street in Wroclaw,
is the first point of contact with the Polish Medical Community, especially if you have a pre-existing medical condition that requires on going care.

Not only can I diagnose and treat my English speaking patients in a professional and timely manner, when necessary I can also refer specific cases to English speaking, health care specialists whose surgeries are also located in Wroclaw.

Do me a favor. If you like this video
please leave me a comment. Help to spread the word about the services which I provide by clicking on the ‘like’ or ‘share’ icon.

Give me a thumbs up but only if you think that my video, and the services which I provide, can be helpful to English speakers who may visit the beautiful city of Wroclaw and find themselves in need of medical assistance.

Thanks guys and I will see you all in my next video.

English speaking doctors in Wroclaw

Some reviews of satisfied clients:
Efficient, friendly service. Was able to help me in English. (drivers license medical)

Very professional and competent service. The doctor speaks English perfectly and immediately understood my problem, helped me fast. Got an appointment the same day within hours.

Very good service. Very good description from internet and quite easy to book appointment . The staff speaks good English and service is fast and efficient.

My experience was great! Great service, fast and friendly. Doctor Dariusz and the Reception staff. Thank you.

Dariusz is without a doubt the best doctor I have ever come across. A huge library of knowledge and very timely, honest, and just a pure pleasure to even speak to. It's not often you have the luck to find someone like this so if you have any kind of medical questions or need a second opinion or even direct care - do NOT hesitate with Dariusz, you will not regret it at all.

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Sep 07, 2020
English Speaking GP in Wroclaw
by: Anonymous

Hi, its great to see your video and more importantly to know that there are english speaking Doctors in Wroclaw to whom we can go if we feel unwell.

My daughter is studying in WUELS university in Wroclaw and she tells me how difficult it is for students there to access healthcare which is worrying. So I am going to pass your details to her for circulation to her friends just in case they need a Doctor.

Also be great to know if you can do bloods or do you refer your patients on for this procedure. It is so important to know that there is English speaking healthcare in Wroclaw for these students. I am assuming contact is by email and you will revert to them.
Great to have and keep up the good work.

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